We are a community run initiative to facilitate networking learning and sharing. We aim to bring you an ongoing series of pop-up festivals with workshops, talks, screenings, and meet-up sessions taking place on a regular basis in different locations. You can meet our lovely team of dedicated volunteers here, and if you like to get involved yourself, check out the Get Involved section.



Íde is a true sustainarian and founding mother of the Zero Waste Festival. Her journey towards living more sustainably started back in 2016, which she declared to be her personal buy-nothing-new-year. Ever since, she graduated to be a renown Zero Waste lifestyle expert and also is the co-owner of Bring Your Own, the first Zero Waste stall touring the markets of Dublin and its surroundings (which has now graduated into a consultancy firm). She tried her hand at blogging on various zero waste related topics, tracking her Buy Nothing New Year, living on a low budget and moving towards a more sustainable wardrobe blog, but has now switched over to tracking her efforts on Instagram.



Celia has been involved with the Zero Waste Festival team from the beginning and is mainly responsible to organise the info stands at our festivals. Together with Mies, she also runs the Zero Waste Dublin Meetup, is a member of the Dublin CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and volunteers at the package-free section of the Dublin Food Coop. You can follow her Zero Waste adventures on her Instagram and her own blog. Her biggest enemy is disposable plastic and her favourite zero waste gadget is a jam jar. In “real life”, she is trying hard to finish her PhD in Environmental Engineering.



Zdenka is a food lover and amateur aerial acrobat who likes to keep things simple. She shares her tips and tricks for living a more sustainable life on her blog, Coming to Zero. In her free time, you’ll find her in the garden trying to coax vegetables out of the ground by any wizardry possible. She has also occasionally been sighted indoors, but is likely to cut a distorted figure behind all those glass jars full of kitchen experiments. Zdenka joined the festival organisation team in July 2017 and currently is the treasurer, instagrammer and (wannabe) designer.



Sindy is our voice on Twitter and helps as on-the-spot volunteer at and in-between the festivals. Her two boys also frequently join in as our youngest Zero Waste Festival volunteers. She prefers living off-line so doesn’t have any social media accounts to follow but you can chat with her about food waste, (beginner) GIY gardening, and household thriftiness.



Sharmistha is a Yoga Instructor and a marketing executive. Her Zero Waste journey started a couple of years ago back in India when she started composting kitchen waste to grow organic veggies for her family. Sharmistha is a minimalist in the making and is currently experimenting to live with less than 30 items overall in her wardrobe. On her journey towards more sustainable living, three things are the most important for her: being aware of the implications of our lifestyle choices; making small, but continuous individual efforts into the right direction, and involving others along the way to inspire and spread the word.



In real life, Jan is an environmental scientist with an undeniable passion for sustainability, data, more data, and quirky facts. E.g., did you know that, according to the Litter Monitoring System, cigarette-related-litter constituted about 55% of all street litter in Ireland in 2016, while food-related-litter contributed 24%? Jan mainly takes care of our website and you might see him shoot a few videos and click a picture or two during the festival (if he is not busy in his role as General Backup Person). You can also find him on Twitter or check out his (non-Zero-Waste) blog.