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Zero Waste Meetup in Dublin

Zero Waste Meetup

If you are just planning to start your Zero Waste journey or if you are an expert in Zero Waste living (or anywhere between), please join us at the Zero Waste Meetup in Dublin to share ideas and encourage each other. The event is free and you can find information on where and when the next meetup is taking place at our Zero Waste Dublin Meetup page.

Volunteer with us

If you are interested in the Zero Waste principle on a personal or professional level, get in touch with us to take part in any of our events. We would like to hear from organisations, educators, businesses and anyone who just wants to lend their skills as a volunteer.

Email us for details: [email protected]

Support the Zero Waste Festival

The Zero Waste Festival is a nonprofit festival run solely by volunteers. However, to bring the festival and workshops to attractive locations close to you, we have to rent premises, arrange for insurance, pay for our website hosting, and reimburse our speakers and workshop leaders.

If you would like to support the Zero Waste Festival and help us grow, then consider showing us your love with a small donation below. We promise to give a big thank you shout out to all the lovely people helping us out here on our website and social media.

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Become a sponsor

If you are a company with a sustainable ethos and would like to become a part of our initiative you can request our sponsorship packages for our future events. You can also donate as an individual.

Email us for details: [email protected]