Zero Waste Christmas Festival 2018

Zero Waste Christmas Festival 2018

The Zero Waste Festival is back! The next festival takes place 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday 2nd December at the Green Door Market in Bluebell Business Park, Dublin 12. With this year’s Christmas-themed festival in December, we will bring you a one-day festival with market, swap-shops, info stands, meet-ups, talks, and workshops all dedicated to helping you reduce your waste this Christmas.

Christmas can be a difficult time to keep your bins empty and your recycling pile small, but during this day-long event you will get tips on cutting down on waste from food and packaging, gifts and wrapping, decorations and festive dressing and even pre-Christmas cleaning! From making better choices of materials to reusing and upcycling what is already created, there will be something to be learned for everyone, no matter where you are on your journey. For your first foray into Zero Waste, stop by our info-stand for a quick primer or sign up for a Talk/Workshop Pass for more insight.

Find all the information for planning your visit below and check out the press release if you would like to talk about our awesome festival on your blog, local news, radio station, etc.

Please note that places for talks and workshops are limited. Securing your Pass early entitles you to advanced sign up for your preferred workshops/talks.

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Admission to the main festival with info stands, swap shops, drop-in workshops, meet-ups and market stalls is free.

If you would like to attend our workshops and talks on the mezzanine level in Room 1 and 2, you can sign up and buy your passes here. A separate ticket will be required for each child for the Tree-planting With Santa.

Category Price
Standard Talk/Workshop Pass 10 EUR
Concession Talk/Workshop Pass 8 EUR
Tree-planting with Santa for Kids free

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Volunteer with us!

We are currently looking for volunteers to help us to organise the upcoming Festival. We need volunteers on the day to do various jobs from moving tables to manning doors. In exchange for a few hours helping out you get a free Talk/Workshop Pass, a chance to meet like-minded people and have a first pick at the swap shops.

Please contact us at [email protected] to get involved.

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The festival will be hosted at the Green Door Market at Unit A1, Bluebell Business Centre, Old Naas Road, Dublin 12 from 10 AM to 5 PM on December 2nd, 2018.

How to get there?

The Green Door Market is located indoors at Unit A1, Bluebell Business Centre, Old Naas Road, Dublin 12. And guess what? The door is green so keep your eyes open for it.

There are bike racks in the courtyard and the parking is free. There is parking in front of the offices and all around the rear. However, the Market is very easily reached by public transport and we encourage our visitors strongly to use a sustainable mode of transportation, e.g. bike, by foot, LUAS or Dublin Bus.


The Green Door Market is 5 minutes walk from both the Bluebell and the Kylemore stops on the red line. If you use the Kylemore stop cut through The Royal Liver retail park to the car entrance and the Market is opposite.


Take buses 13, 68a, 69 or 51.

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What to bring

No need to print your tickets, we will have your name at the door for all ticketed events.

For notes

There’ll be no leaflets or business cards, so bring your phone, a camera or a pen and paper.

For workshops

You’ll need a fork or spoon for samples of food.

For shopping

You’ll need your own containers for loose goods and refills and bring some bags to carry your purchases home.

For food and drinks

Bring your own mug, water bottle and lunch box and utensils. You’re also welcome to bring a picnic to share with your new Zero Waste friends.

Stuff to swap/share/donate

  • Clean and wearable men’s, women’s and kid’s clothes for the swap shop
  • Some books for the swap shop
  • Preloved Christmas Decorations
  • OtherMother would love to upcycle your old t-shirts and sheets (100% cotton please)
  • Spare jars can be useful for other people who didn’t bring enough
  • Bring any take-away containers you have built up to share in case people are short

Event Schedule

Next to our Zero Waste Market and the info stands, we will host a wide range of talks, workshops, meetups, and swap shops.

The full event schedule will be posted shortly.

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Talks and Workshops

We will host a variety of workshops and talks during the festival.

Spaces for talks and workshops are limited. Buying a Talk/Workshop Pass early entitles you to advanced sign up for your preferred event. Limited places may be left on the day itself and are given away on first-come first-serve basis.

Details on the workshops and talks will be posted below soon.

Time Room 2 Room 3
11 – 12 Impress Your Mother-In-Law Zero Waste with Kids
12 – 1 Party Nibbles Alternative Wrapping
1 – 2 Crochet Cuteness Pre-Christmas Decluttering
2 – 3 Edible Gifts Gifting Experiences
3 – 4 Bath and Beyond: Stocking Fillers Buy to Last

Room 1

More info about the talks/workshops coming soon.

11:00 – 12:00
Impress Your Mother-In-Law

Cleaning your house for the festive season the eco way

12:00 – 1:00
Party Nibbles

Treat your guests without filling the bin

1:00 – 2:00
Crochet Cuteness

The art of making amigurumi toys

2:00 – 3:00
Edible Gifts

Delicious treats for under the tree

3:00 – 4:00
Bath and Beyond: Stocking Fillers

Homemade products that show you care

Room 2

More info about the talks/workshops coming soon.

11:00 – 12:00
Zero Waste with Kids

Cutting down even when you have little ones about

12:00 – 1:00
Alternative Wrapping

Less glitter and waste and a lot more taste

1:00 – 2:00
Pre-Christmas Decluttering

Clear out for the season the conscious way

2:00 – 3:00
Gifting Experiences

Memories not possessions

3:00 – 4:00
Buy to Last

Purchase once but better quality

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As always, we will bring a selection of Zero Waste lifestyle market stalls to our festival where you can source everything loose, refillable, or package free. Our confirmed partners for this festival include:

Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities sells loose, organic food staples and hygiene products to help you live a zero waste life. They are Leinster based, with a weekly Friday market in The Bullring in Wexford, a weekly Saturday market in Skerries Mills and once a month in Brooklodge, Macreddin Village, Co. Wicklow. Find them at the Zero Waste Festival or check out their facebook page.

BYO @ Noms


Your old favourite market stall Bring Your Own has now teamed up with Phibsborough’s brand new health food store Noms offering a wide range of products, including household and body care items, loose grains, fruits, spices, and snacks. Find them at the Zero Waste Festival or check out Noms’ website and Instagram to check out their range of products.

Lilly’s Eco-Clean

Lilly's Eco-Clean

Lilly’s Eco Clean manufactures a range of natural cleaning products right here in Dublin. Since the beginning, the company has been doing their best to reduce waste. Bottles are made out of post consumer recycled plastics. Boxes as packed with paper tape and practically every element related to production is re-used as best as possible. The company started waste reduction in household thinking early and refills were made available from the day one. Today, Lilly’s product containers can be re-used in many ways so that everyone can do it, either by bringing Lilly’s bottle or any bottle for refilling, get a refill pouch that reduces both waste and carbon foot print or using containers or sharing them with friends. For more info, check out their website, Instagram feed, or facebook page.

Other Mother

Other Mother

Other Mother makes upcycled alternatives to everyday and parenting disposable products. Using waste material, such as old t-shirts, Belle hand-crafts beautiful products. For more info, check out her facebook page.

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Info stands

Want to find out more about leading a more sustainable life with less disposables and more fulfilment? Visit our info stands to get inspired and discuss your Zero Waste journey with organisations and practitioners dedicated to help you along the way.

Dublin CSA

Dublin CSA

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) involves establishing a relationship with a farmer for a growing season. It benefits both parties in that buyers get good quality food straight from the source (no middlemen) and the farmer gets a fair price for his or her produce. The system differs from a box scheme in that the partnership is with one or a small number of producers, and all the food is sourced there –– there’s no use of imported foods, and the emphasis is very much on local food systems. Another difference is that members take more of an active role in meeting the grower, discussing options, and possibly visiting the farm to help out as the scheme develops. Find out more about the Dublin CSA on their website.

Revived Yarn

Revived Yarn

Revived yarn is a community of knitters and crocheters who help to warm the homeless of Dublin. They upcycle leftovers of yarn into handmade garments donated directly to the homeless on the streets. Find out more about Revived Yarn on their Facebook page.

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Swap Shops

There will be three swaps hops at this Christmas Edition of the Zero Waste Festival. Our very successful Clothes Swap, back by popular demand. Get ready for the party season with some new to you outfits (and maybe even get a few gifts)!So, please bring your pre-loved item along, drop them off with our volunteers, and pick up what you need from the Swap Shop.

Pre-loved Clothes Swap Shop

Bring your washed, and wearable clothes, shoes, and accessories to the festival. The Swap Shop will work on an item-by-item basis, i.e., for every item you bring, you will get one token that you can exchange for any other item in the Swap Shop. Since we will re-stock the Swap Shop continuously as people drop off new items, it’s worth checking it out from time to time in between the talks and workshops. All unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity shop at the end of the day.

Book Swap Shop

There will be a dedicated Book Swap table at the Festival. Bring your old favourites and the books you bought but never read and exchange them for some exciting new books you will never read (well, we hope you will read them – otherwise, check out these 7 Other Uses For Books Besides Reading Them). As with the Clothes Swap Shop above, we will operate on “item-per-item” basis. Unclaimed books will be donated to the annual TCD Secondhand Booksale.

Christmas Decoration Swap Shop

Get your home ready for the holidays, and maybe pick up a few bits for creative gift wrapping. Bring any Christmas decorations that don’t fit in your life. Exchange for tokens. Browse the selection and take home decorations that you love! All leftovers will be donated to charity.

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We will host Zero Waste themed and like-minded meetups during the festival. Check back here for details in a few days.

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Art Exhibition

We will have some fantastic art work around Zero Waste. Check back soon for infos.

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Photo and video recording

We are very happy if you take photos at the festival and share them on our or your social media with the hashtags #ZeroWasteFestival

If you would like to record videos (private and to share), please talk to us in advance or ask any of the organizers during the day. We also have press passes (with free entry) available – just drop us an email at [email protected].

Under any circumstances, please be considerate of your peers and be aware that not everyone (especially visitors and their children) is comfortable with having their picture taken during the event.

We will be taking photos and recording short videos during the event itself to share on our website and social media. Feel free to talk to our volunteers during the day if you do not want to appear in any photos or recordings.

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